Demon Equation Film Premiere November 11, 2011, 9PM at the Farmington Civic Theatre , Farmington MI. Demon Equation's premiere is open to the media; please email if attending to be put on the VIP list. Cast, Crew, and Filmmakers will be at the Event. This Premiere will also be open to the public.

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Director: Richard James
Producer: Melanie White
Status:   Postproduction  

Demon Equation Photos


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The Synopsis

Do you believe in Demons? Maxwell "Max" Bastas didn't, but one morning he awoke lying on the floor of his living room with his shirt covered in blood and holding an automatic pistol. He has no idea how he fell asleep in the middle of his living room, where the blood came from, or how he came into the possession of the gun. Max believes he is loosing his mind and that the world is attacking him, but in fact they are manifestations of demon attacks. With out any family or friends Max is morbidly alone and starts to realize he is fighting for his soul, not his mind. Max's fear gets the best of him and he attempts to run but he is not even positive of what he is running from because you can not run from yourself. It may have been luck or fate, but Max is taken in by a kind hearted soul and for the first time Max feels a sense of comfort. It will only last for a short while. Max's torment grows as he drags his kind hearted companions into his hell. What Max does not realize is that he is being slowly taken over by a powerful demon. Nobody can save Max, not even a priest. Max needs to come to "a realization" and "make the right decision."

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